An Estonian entrepreneur and board member

was privileged to have Raija as my coach and work with her for almost half a year. During this time she proved to be very helpful, emphatic, yet goal-oriented coach. She has the capability to see the forest behind the trees and set the strategy and action plan accordingly. Raija would be an excellent second for anyone in the leadership position!

A leader working for multinational pharmaceutical company (participated in an individual and in a team coaching program)

At the start the main goal for me was to solve a list of HR problems related to my personal relationship with a peer and a subordinate, arisen after the integration with a competitor when people from two different companies with different corporate cultures came together.

Later goal became wider – the formation of new team - to improve communication, constructive collaboration, and creating trust between the team members. Overall our objective was to achieve good team spirit for working together towards reaching common goals. By my opinion I as team member and we have achieved significant improvement and great progress.

A Chinese mentor coachee

Raija supported me in identifying my blind spots and worked with me in a development plan. She was very frank and not shy in calling out my mistakes. It is wonderful to have someone to review my coaching sessions, identify my strengths and weaknesses, identify the bind spots and coach me through them. Finally, I want to say a big THANK YOU for Raija for her generosity in mentor coaching. She has a big heart in wanting the best for her coachee. I have learnt a lot from her, and appreciated the time and effort she has put into this mentor coaching.